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avatarFukaya >> #890353
Posted on 2011-09-30 21:49:33 (Report as spam)
she is giving a small boy a buttjob O.O!!!!?!?!?? or its just a really tiny dick in a MASSIVE ASS... or its just that her ASS its too HOMUNGOUS that would make ANY dick super tiny???

avatarAnonymous >> #1104582
Posted on 2012-06-29 11:08:02 (Report as spam)
who cares about the guys dick.... dat ass

avatarAnonymous >> #1240553
Posted on 2013-01-07 02:21:12 (Report as spam)
You know this pic is one of my favorites even though I love all of this guy's work. The way he makes their faces and the cum just makes me jack off so hard.