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1girl assassin's_creed assassin's_creed_(series) belt blade breasts brown_eyes brown_hair cape choker cleavage ezio_auditore_da_firenze genderswap genderswap_(mtf) gloves hidden_blade hood large_breasts no_bra short_hair solo transparent_background vambraces yui.h

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avatarAnonymous >> #989870
Posted on 2012-01-29 19:00:26 (Report as spam) Score: 9 (Vote Up)
XD Excellent !

avatarAnonymous >> #1157667
Posted on 2012-09-09 13:02:37 (Report as spam) Score: 8 (Vote Up)
Now this is a Grand Master I can get behind!

avatarAnonymous >> #1265880
Posted on 2013-02-14 22:42:14 (Report as spam) Score: 4 (Vote Up)
I am forever in your service, Mistress Auditore.