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avatarAnonymous >> #925218
Posted on 2011-11-12 20:05:10 (Report as spam)
if this is what yuma would have done had he lost, i wouldn't mind taking his place

avatarAnonymous >> #925415
Posted on 2011-11-13 00:28:40 (Report as spam)
Yuma, a leason of life: sometimes, losing is winning...

avatarAnonymous >> #925930
Posted on 2011-11-13 15:33:36 (Report as spam)
if i was yuma, i'd dump the chick with flat chest and go for the chick with a chest

avatarChaosGX >> #997889
Posted on 2012-02-08 18:46:22 (Report as spam)
Fret not Kotori, Yuma still likes you best. Anna's just his sex toy.

avatarAnonymous >> #1240302
Posted on 2013-01-06 18:48:32 (Report as spam)
this will be an awkward for yuma hmm... i wonder which girl he'll choose.... i'd say he'll go for kotori since those two already met since their osananajimi days even though he's still clueless about kotori having a crush on yuma and i'm not saying that i'm not a kozuki anna fan but she's a nice girl which she has a tsundere side and i like that nuff said