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00s 1girl armband armpits belt belt_pouch blue_eyes breasts brown_hair capelet dual_wielding final_fantasy final_fantasy_x final_fantasy_x-2 gun hair_ornament handgun hands_on_hips highres large_breasts long_hair momoi_nanabei nipples one_eye_closed pistol ponytail scan short_shorts shorts skirt smile solo topless very_long_hair watermark weapon yuna yuna_(ff10)


avatarmaxxxspider >> #176225
Posted on 2009-12-13 19:23:30 (Report as spam)
Two Hands Yuna ^_^

avatarAnonymous >> #1534638
Posted on 2014-05-14 06:38:04 (Report as spam)
Two hands on my dick >:)

avatarAnonymous >> #1552304
Posted on 2014-06-15 14:35:39 (Report as spam)
Make for X/X-2 HD DLC.