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! 10s 6+girls :3 :o absurdres anchor arm_up bag bangs black_border black_eyes blue_eyes blue_hair blue_skirt blush_stickers board border bow breasts brown_hair cable chestnut_mouth closed_mouth construction creature dress dropping eating electricity envelope eyebrows eyebrows_visible_through_hair fairy_(kantai_collection) flight_deck floating_hair floor food_in_mouth garter_straps glasses green_hair hair_ornament hand_on_hip hearthstone helmet high_heels highres holding hook humming impossible_clothes impossible_shirt instant_ramen kantai_collection knees_up lamp large_breasts long_sleeves looking_at_viewer looking_down low_ponytail minigirl miniskirt mouth_hold multiple_girls pleated_skirt ponytail purple_hair red_hair red_legwear red_neckerchief rudder_shoes saratoga_(kantai_collection) school_uniform serafuku shade shirt short_sleeves shoulder_bag sidelocks sign sitting skirt slm smile smiley_face smokestack standing sweat tentacle thighhighs traffic_cone walking warning_sign white_bow white_dress white_hair white_legwear wrench


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avatarCoalition >> #2058964
Posted on 2016-12-03 16:47:01 (Report as spam)
This has me wondering what it would be like if the Evangelions actually turned into the mothers who are their souls.

I.e. imagine Shinji's Evangelion suddenly turning into Yui Ikari, but the height of the Evangelion.