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3girls ^_^ bangs black_hair black_skirt black_wings blue_dress blue_hair blue_sky carrying chasing cirno clenched_teeth closed_umbrella cloud collared_shirt day dirt dress eyes_closed faceless fence fleeing flower flying flying_sweatdrops frilled_skirt frills garden_of_the_sun geta green_hair hair_blue happy hat hidden_star_in_four_seasons highres holding holding_flower holding_umbrella hug hug_from_behind kazami_yuuka long_skirt mountain multiple_girls parasol path puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves red_eyes red_shoes red_skirt red_vest ribbon road roke_(taikodon) shameimaru_aya shirt shoes short_sleeves silhouette skirt sky sunflower tan tanned_cirno teeth tengu-geta tokin_hat touhou umbrella vanishing_point vest white_shirt wings wooden_fence