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2018 4koma artist_self-insert black_hair blush bridal_veil bride brown_hair comic commentary crying english_commentary english_text flower flying_sweatdrops glasses groom hair_flower hair_ornament highres husband_and_wife japanese_clothes kawacy kimono lonely opaque_glasses pillow pillow_hug pregnant real_life semi-rimless_eyewear short_hair streaming_tears tears truth tuxedo under-rim_eyewear veil waistcoat wedding

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avatarAnonymous >> #2313181
Posted on 2018-12-12 17:12:30 (Report as spam) Score: 4 (Vote Up)
Reverse weaboos and their Western style weddings.

avatarAnonymous >> #2313319
Posted on 2018-12-13 06:37:31 (Report as spam) Score: 3 (Vote Up)
Called "westaboo"s fyi, and when the party is Japanese, it wouldn't be "weab" would it? Cos I thought that implied Westerners trying to be more eastern. This is what I've been afraid of with that term, it's slid out of being the PC replacement to the term Wapanese, and is in danger of becoming s slur to refer to anything Japanese or Eastern. Pretty much things most people call "weab" culture nowadays.

avatarAnonymous >> #2327307
Posted on 2019-01-24 00:27:22 (Report as spam) Score: 3 (Vote Up)
Dont ya love how anon 2 tried to argue with anon 1, when Kawacy is fucking Korean...

avatarAnonymous >> #2329419
Posted on 2019-01-29 13:03:06 (Report as spam) Score: 0 (Vote Up)
If he has sexual intercourse, why does he complain?