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Anonymous >> #65728
Posted on 2009-06-20 19:27:29 (Report as spam)
woah, that is totally the opp. of the usually
humk uke and feminzed seme lol XD

Anonymous >> #69613
Posted on 2009-06-29 04:27:08 (Report as spam)
Haku is seme??! Wow...that was unexpected...

Anonymous >> #72259
Posted on 2009-07-04 19:33:14 (Report as spam)
This didn't shock me at all. :3 I love this.

REKM >> #183797
Posted on 2009-12-23 12:09:44 (Report as spam)
Well, Zabuza did say Haku was stronger than he is....

Anonymous >> #277826
Posted on 2010-04-17 11:52:42 (Report as spam)
Bitch Lei down and Take it like a Champ!

Anonymous >> #476436
Posted on 2010-10-18 00:49:03 (Report as spam)
so hot so hot so hot!

Darlina >> #506005
Posted on 2010-11-14 05:43:09 (Report as spam)
Love this. I don't get the "seme/uke" stuff anyways. Most gay couples aren't just composed of "seme" and "uke" archetypes.

Anonymous >> #567475
Posted on 2011-01-03 00:49:06 (Report as spam)
why cant i find any good pics of zabuza fucking haku?