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Ticket Information - ID: #1031

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0001031Feature RequestHighN/A07/07/20 05:32PMJerl
Assigned to:geltas
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Target Version:N/A
Summary:More ways to get XP
Description:I love the idea of the XP, but I think this could be even better if there were more ways to obtain it like uploading images, posting in the forum, translating images and basically for all those things that makes this site feel alive and also helps to make it a better place for everyone. The people who contribute to the site in those ways should be the ones with more XP because with the way that the XP system works now it only says "This person likes to comment a lot". So I think that a bit of motivation for those people who loves uploading and helping this site to grow up shouldn't be bad. And also I wanted to talk about the rewards/benefits of having a lot of XP. I don't know anything about them besides of their existence, but I'd love them to be things like profile picture frames, colored names or even titles for profiles. I think that would be great
Additional Info:
Jerl replied at 2020-07-07 19:55:43
The only rewards we have planned at the moment is enabling certain features and reducing the rate limiting on other features for the purpose of reducing spam. Custom titles was a Patreon reward, so to be fair to users who got custom titles via Patreon, we probably would not put in a way to get them for free.