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Ticket Information - ID: #1078

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0001078Browser Problemsnormalalways01/14/21 09:13AMlozertuser
Assigned to:lozertuser
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Summary:Aside block that contains tabs in new design, alignment issue in older browsers
Description:In some older browsers (like certain older Firefox), the <aside> tag displays incorrectly, it just shows the tags for half the screen, highly unergonomic, taking all horizontal space.

Is there any way to just provide the old design to desktop users that were used to the already perfect old design, for example via some cookie as other settings are set?

If not, I found that setting some user css on the aside to something like:
float: left;
width: 20%;

Kind of solves the problem, although I've yet to test if it works in all the older browsers I have access to, changing the 'aside' to a 'div' likely would be even more compatible.

Of course, personally I'd just prefer to keep using the old interface on desktop (if it could be toggled via some cookie or setting), while mobile users can get the new design, but if that's not an option, at the very least the float/width adjustment might make things a bit more usable (there's some other things breaking with the navigation like some issues with the header, but nothing as big as the tags taking half the page and pictures starting 50% into the page height).
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lozertuser replied at 2021-01-14 12:18:34
I'd recommend upgrading your browser, we won't be supporting anything that can't do CSS Grids.

sheffield replied at 2021-01-14 12:46:33
Appears that browsers older than 2017 cannot do it ( ), although I can and do browse it on newer browsers, sometimes I prefer using it in more minimal older browsers where grid support is lacking (with javascript and other features turned off as it would be unsafe to turn it on in old browsers which have known security bugs). I suppose if I want to be able to open it there I will have to do a simple user css workaround and just prefer using something newer for gelbooru, even if newer browsers are so much more memory hungry (I can handle many hundreds of gelbooru tabs in some old browsers, but getting to 1/4 of that tab amount without it running out of memory or graphics glitches (running out of VRAM) or garbage collecting like crazy (heavy lag) in newer browsers is hard). I know you'll just tell me to upgrade the machine, although it's just sad that something that used to work for years will stop working (by default, unless I work around it somehow).

lozertuser replied at 2021-01-14 14:44:40
I use my Note4 as a benchmark device, if it can run on that with no issue, then it should be good enough for anyone else. We need to start supporting newer specs that will make development easier, and supporting older browsers, like we did with IE6, was a mistake I won't be making again. There was so much headache with floats, and display rendering problems, that I'd rather just stick to an up to date standard of HTML and CSS that the majority of our users have.

sheffield replied at 2021-01-14 15:06:17
Alright, it's understandable. I wouldn't think 2015 era browsers as being that old, but I can understand testing such old stuff being a pain. I've already worked around in my old browsers with some custom user CSS styles (about "float:left; width: 220px"; dimensions copied from the old CSS that's still used on the some pages), if I still want to prolong their life for this use for a little while longer. It displays and renders fine for me, close enough to old one, maybe I'll have to update if sometimes if something breaks. If anyone else encounters this issue and has a specific need to run older stuff, they'll probably know what to do to fix it.

lozertuser replied at 2021-01-15 20:54:24
Chrome - chrome://flags - Experimental Web Platform Features - enable
Firefox - about:config - layout.css.grid.enabled set to 1