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Ticket Information - ID: #1238

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0001238Feature RequestnormalN/A11/26/22 06:13PMThePietro
Assigned to:geltas
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Target Version:N/A
Summary:Age Ratings
Description:Consider adding to the text on the upload page and edit posts age ratings. So they are easier to understand.

I have been doing a lot of rating fixes lately, many people don't understand what general, sensitive and questionable means. The only one kind of clear is explicit.

But if you add to the side of the text something like General (10), Sensitive (15), Questionable (18), Explicit (18+) It would be much easier to understand how to use the ratings.

Age ratings are much easier to understand than the plain words we have right now, and they are universal, they basically work on any language, people is not going to go to a long wiki page to understand what they mean. So please, consider it, you just have to edit the text on the upload page and the edit post section.
Additional Info:
Jerl replied at 2022-11-26 19:12:49
Since the ratings are only for sexual content, this would be very misleading. There are plenty of images that should be rated General but should definitely not be seen by children.

Additionally, since users must be 18 or older to use any part of the site in the first place, age-based ratings send a mixed message that we do not want. It doesn't matter if an image is only rated Sensitive, 15-year-olds should not be viewing it on Gelbooru since they shouldn't be viewing *anything* on Gelbooru.

If users don't want to read the wiki entry on ratings, they should not be uploading or rating posts. That applies to tags, too - users should make sure they understand how tags are actually intended to be used before using them.

ThePietro replied at 2022-11-26 20:30:11
The problem is, this site is not committed to be a porn site, there is a lot of completely safe not sexual content that could be even viewed by kids here. A lot of stuff is rated incorrectly because the ratings make little sense.

Gelbooru should commit to be completely a porn site, cut everything on general and ask everyone that visits the site if it is an 18 year old.

If something that has the rating general cannot be viewed by children then it should not be rated general. You see the problem? General should be the absolute safest non sexual stuff.

ThePietro replied at 2022-11-26 21:22:38
Why a porn site even has a general rating. Why you guys admit non sexual content.

Commit to the porn site tittle. Go the rule34 xxx/paheal/us way and nuke the safe stuff. If you truly want to be an 18+ site.

Why a porn site that should only visited by 18 year olds have a system that make the porn ads disappear on general posts. This place makes no sense. R10 R15 R18 R18+ are good descriptors of the ratings. If you didn't wanted minors here, nuke the safe stuff and ask everyone to visit the site if it is an 18 year old.

If you are not willing to change a damn thing at least force people to read descriptions of the ratings prior using them.

Jerl replied at 2022-11-27 01:02:53
Gelbooru is not a porn site, and we have never intended it to be. We will not be removing SFW content from the site. You do not need to be a minor to enjoy SFW art, just like you don't need to be lower than the drinking age to enjoy soda rather than alcoholic beverages. We require users to be 18 to use the site because there are parts of the site which will always show adult material, such as user profiles, and we do not want to expose minors to any adult material.

As for porn ads appearing on posts rated General, that will not happen if you switch to safe-only mode. In safe-only mode, the only advertisements you'll get are for our own store and artist banners. Users who want a porn-free experience can have one for the most part, at least during normal browsing. We assume that users who *don't* enable safe-only mode do not mind seeing adult content, so we show ads like usual.

We have previously considered a system to force users to view the rating descriptions, but determined it would be ineffective. Just because a program forces you to scroll through an EULA doesn't mean that you've actually read and understand it, nor that you'll remember a single word of what you read, even if there's a test or something you have to pass. Users who do not care still will not care even if we spell it out in 72 point flashing bold red font on the upload screen that they have to scroll past before getting to the actual upload form.

No matter what we do, a site based on user-generated content will never have perfect ratings or tagging. Users who get reported will get an appropriate coaching about their tagging, and if they continue, they will lose their ability to contribute. Banning users who refuse to pay attention to the rules is more effective than trying to scream at them louder and louder when they've already decided to put ear plugs in and ignore everything we have to say.

ThePietro replied at 2022-11-27 01:37:36
Gelbooru is a porn site. With lots of hentai, some even illegal in some places, and even common porn. That only 18 year old's should visit. But it happens to have sfw stuff... so no porn site because of that, come on. Also this site is blocked as a common porn site by like, any porn site filter. Had to use VPNs lots of times to access here because it's blocked by everything that is designed to block porn, but hey, no porn site buddy.

It is not about making the system perfect. Is about improving it. You proved yourself that the system is flawed with the general rating stuff that you would not show comment. That is a symptom of the problem.

Because the general rating, is for ultra safe stuff. stuff that even a children could see, but people don't get the rating. So they use it for ecchi stuff.

I don't care that there is SFW stuff here or you guys want to be a porn site with sfw stuff, I just want that uploaders and taggers understand better the rating system. And those extra texts would improve a lot that.

I know that porn ads don't appear on general posts. I noticed them pop when I change the rating to other thing. Why a site full of hentai for adults only have a system like that. This is not pixiv, this is not deviantart. A safe mode is pointless.

I just want stuff to be better. Easier to understand.

ThePietro replied at 2022-11-27 02:34:34
Hey, you could also do something like Very SFW, SFW, NSFW, and Very NSFW. Below the rating text, it would help too.

ThePietro replied at 2022-11-27 04:19:16
Even better change the text colors to match the rating colors.

SFW+ in Blue, SFW in green, NSFW in orange and NSFW+ in Red.

Super easy to understand and doesn't have the we don't want kids here problem. It is a bloody good one.