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Ticket Information - ID: #1247

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0001247Bug Reportingnormalalways12/11/22 04:52AM
Assigned to:geltas
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Target Version:N/A
Summary:Tag Edit History only goes back to 7/14/22
Description:Same as above. Visible tag history (through profile page) only goes 39 pages deep to 7/14/22, 955 tag edits as of writing, and I have posts that I've tagged going all the way back to 5/9/2015 that I can't view (from the profile at least, I can still see the tag history on the actual image).

Additional Info:It should be noted that almost all of my posts have or had censored parent images on the site, and I copied and pasted the tags from the censored images to the decensored edits I've posted and changed the censor related tags accordingly (removing "censored/mosaic_censor/bar_censor" to "decensored") and adding "third-party_edit" to indicate its an edited/decensored image. All of this is done before hitting "Save Changes", so, I'm not sure if any of these copied and pasted/changed tags actually count as a tag edit.

Even having said that, I find it difficult to believe my first "real" or "recordable" tag edit was 5 months ago after having been around here for nearly 10 years. Every instance of "+decensored" should be a tag edit in bold on the list.