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Ticket Information - ID: #1262

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0001262Feature RequestnormalN/A02/08/23 10:01PMpadram105
Assigned to:geltas
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Target Version:N/A
Summary:Create list of saved searches without thumbnails
Description:There should be a page that lists every saved search you have without any image thumbnails.

This would make it easy and convenient to tell if you already have something saved. If I'm looking at x and have "x -y" saved, I currently won't know unless I scroll through every page.

lozertuser informal approval:
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padram105 replied at 2023-09-01 08:50:56
In the meantime, a sort of system you can use is to save each base search along with the more specific searches.
So, if I was ever saving "x -y", I could also save "x", even if I never actually plan to browse x without "-y". Then, if I ever came across x again and wanted to save e.g. "x -z -a", I would first check to see if the base form, "x", was saved. In that case, it would be, so I know to scroll through and find my pair with "x -y" rather than duplicate it with "x -z -a".

However, doing so is an annoying hack, and I would greatly prefer if the original request was implemented.