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Ticket Information - ID: #1291

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0001291Browser Problemsnormalalways09/11/23 10:19AMJerl
Assigned to:geltas
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Target Version:N/A
Summary:Batch downloads - Second ticket
Description:First I would like to apologize to Gelbooru staff for making this duplicate ticket, as it says from the ticket title, this is the second part of the ticket "Batch Downloads" which was a private Ticket, now that before resubmitting the ticket again, I tried everything from using the search bar to thoroughly searching the Ticket listing section which was to no avail.

Here is the same content as the former private ticket:

my question is does Gelbooru allow tools like Grabber or gallery-dl to automatically batch download images?

I love the website A lot, I always use Gelbooru to watch for my fav NSFW content as it's way cleaner than it's sister websites, and as I've been using the website for a long time now, I don't want to get banned, thank you for the reply

My reason to use the scripts:
Recently I've landed a 12 hour shift and I can't enjoy leisure browsing through the website, I used to lay down on the bed and watch NSFW at my leisure and take my time, clicking on each peace of art I liked and downloaded them into separate folders according to their tags, but now my only joy in life is lost and I'm always low on energy, by using something as an automated script to download my fav NSFW content, I can enjoy the content again locally.
Additional Info:as Additional Information:
I don't know how these scripts works, and I don't know if something like Gallery-dl will hurt the hardware of the servers, that's why before using it, I wanted to ask for permission, if It doesn't, I would like to ask the Gelbooru staff to allow me to use the tool, I would be super grateful, thanks for reading so far.
Jerl replied at 2023-09-11 10:27:36
Once again, the trac is for bug reports or feature suggestions only. Do not post questions in the trac. Use the forums instead.