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Ticket Information - ID: #287

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0000287Bug ReportingLowalways11/12/09 02:48AMlozertuser
Assigned to:lozertuser
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Target Version:0.2.0
Summary:tags column overlapping left most thumbnails and original image
Description:Regardless of window size or browser type, the text "tages" column always displays over (and partial obscures) the left most column of displayed posted image thumbnails, and fully blocks left edge original (or reduced size) display image (any type). I suspect the style sheet script is miss-configured for the Gelbooru site. The Danbooru site's image display pages work fine. This problem only appeared after the last site overhaul, a few months ago. Something about dealing with hackers? Hope this problem can be resolved soon. I'm surprised no one else has reported it. Can't just be my PC that's having this problem with this site. Thanks
Additional Info:
lozertuser replied at 2009-11-12 06:11:55
Again, need a screenshot to see what you're experiencing.

lozertuser replied at 2010-02-26 02:19:44
Assuming fixed.