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Ticket Information - ID: #326

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0000326Feature RequestnormalN/A12/27/09 07:53AMJerl
Assigned to:geltas
View StatusPublic
Target Version:0.2.1
Summary:Ability to import tags/notes from thatotherbooru after an image has been uploaded to gelbooru
Description:The ability to import notes would be better appreciated, as it would make copying notes between the two boorus easier than having two windows open and copy/pasting the notes between the pages (especially for longer stuff, eg comics/character info charts, 'marriage licenses' etc.
Additional Info:
lozertuser replied at 2009-12-28 04:22:22
The note updating one would be rather tricky, but possible I suppose.

jedi1357 replied at 2014-12-28 11:47:34
Bumping to say that this is becoming more of a necessity since the Danbo-bot no longer imports most notes from Danbooru.

I'd go so far as to request that this be elevated to a high priority bug report for the import bot.

Once we are able to fix this import problem I'd like to see a one-time run through of posts that have 0 notes on Gel and 1-or-more notes on Dan having all those notes imported to gel and the translation_request tags fixed.

While we're asking Santa for what we want for Christmas this year, why not add a similar ability to transfer commentary?

Jerl replied at 2014-12-29 03:00:11
There's a (non-staff) user working on a bot to handle this similarly to the DanbooruTagUpdateBot. I can't give you an ETA on when it'll be finished, though, since he only mentions it once in a while on IRC.