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Ticket Information - ID: #334

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0000334Feature RequestLowN/A01/19/10 03:15AMlozertuser
Assigned to:geltas
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Target Version:0.2.0
Summary:Add and remove tags automatically based on existing tags
Description:This would be a great addition for people who tag the images on this site, but also want more convenience or are just generally lazy (which seems to be quite a few people here). Certain tags can have other tags linked to them so that when a user adds a tag to an image, the linked tags are automatically added if the user hasn't already put them in. It might end up cluttering up the Edit page in the Tags section, but it'll be worth it in the long run.
Additional Info:1. Almost all characters on the site are from a certain copyright, so those characters should be linked to their respective franchises.
> Examples: izumi_konata -> lucky_star; yumizuka_satsuki -> type-moon, tsukihime; amagi_yukiko -> shin_megami_tensei, persona, persona_4
2. No matter how certain characters are portrayed, they have characteristics that always define them. Those characteristics should be put in automatically.
> Examples: izumi_konata -> blue_hair, ahoge; nakano_azusa -> black_hair, twintails
> Note: It should also be possible to override characteristics tags in special cases.
>> Examples: izumi_konata + kurokona - blue_hair; nakano_azusa + alternate_hairstyle - twintails
3. There are several tags which are characteristics, etc. with adjectives in front of them. But there are people who search for those minus the adjectives. We ought to make it easier for them.
> Example: pink_panties -> panties; side_ponytail -> ponytail

Other examples:
> kurokona -> izumi_konata; shana-tan -> shana
> serafuku -> school_uniform, skirt
lozertuser replied at 2010-01-19 17:27:14
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