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Ticket Information - ID: #515

ID:Category:SeverityReproducibilityDate SubmittedUpdated By:
0000515Feature RequestnormalN/A05/30/11 12:17PMqwerplo
Assigned to:geltas
View StatusPublic
Target Version:0.3
Summary:Tag search in favorites.
Description:I'd like to be able to search for tags while in my favorites like on danbooru.
Additional Info:
TiTaNz replied at 2011-05-30 17:36:16
Yea, I thinking that something like that would be cool too.

raki replied at 2011-05-31 06:18:17
Nice, but why?

RyuHayabusa replied at 2011-06-02 23:16:41
After you have been here for a while, it's a pain to go through 23 pages of favorites. I'd

TangoFox4 replied at 2011-09-06 17:52:33
Yeah, begging on knees for that feature..

bladexj replied at 2012-11-13 17:24:05
This would be good, also the option to filter and/or randomize favorites.

Bugin replied at 2013-05-20 02:42:07
+20 pages of favorites. We really need this feature.

termt replied at 2014-01-26 16:00:23
I REALLY want a feature like this.

pierre.drake replied at 2015-04-19 03:36:34
I say yes, it's cool !

ChainL replied at 2015-04-22 21:02:03
At 300+ pages of favorites I'd say this is something I'd say we are in dire need of

KurosakiDude replied at 2015-04-29 09:37:54
Haha, and I can't even view favorites past page 2, page 3 exist but doesn't show =.=

Impervox replied at 2015-05-04 04:11:52
It would also be awesome to be able to exclude favorites when normal searching in case you want to see something new

Nao replied at 2015-07-18 09:26:37

Jerl replied at 2015-07-19 21:35:04
Bumping a ticket will not make it be worked sooner. For the most part, tickets will likely be worked in either chronological order, or in the order that makes getting all of the new features to fit and work together properly the easiest.

usernam replied at 2015-09-03 14:07:30
In other words: "search favorite images by tags"

I get a lot of inspiration from the Derpibooru imageboard, therein one can search these tags:
faved_by:username, safe, other tags
(tags are separated by commas)

On Gelbooru:
faved_by:username safe other_tags
(tags are separated by spaces)

So when I upload folders with the names "cute", "GIFs", and "vectors"
I can again search for the images in the folders with:
faved_by:usernam cute animated vector

lasham333 replied at 2017-12-08 08:18:51
No news regarding this ticket?
This is probably the most wanted feature at this point imo.

12345aqw replied at 2018-05-26 19:47:33
It says it is resolved. When is it scheduled to be enjoyed by the users?

lozertuser replied at 2018-05-31 09:43:58
The version is marked in the ticket.

qwerplo replied at 2018-10-02 17:32:49
So are we able to do this or not yet? The faved_by: thing doesn’t seem to work

Jerl replied at 2018-10-02 19:25:28
As lozer said, the version nunber that it's finished for is noted at the top in the ticket information. This feature was implemented for Gelbooru version 0.3. The site is currently running 0.2.5.

0.3 has not been finished yet, so we can't use it on the live site.

qwerplo replied at 2018-10-02 20:33:04
Ah! Thank you!