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Ticket Information - ID: #762

ID:Category:SeverityReproducibilityDate SubmittedUpdated By:
0000762Feature RequestHighN/A09/05/14 05:33PMlozertuser
Assigned to:geltas
View StatusPublic
Target Version:N/A
Summary:Uploading by URL
Description:The upload form should support the ability to explicitly use URLs to upload.

That can be done already by pasting the URL into the open file dialog window, but that means the image is first downloaded to the local computer and then it is uploaded from that. This means a clutter on the local PC, extra time, and sometimes it doesn't even work, for example in certain browsers where there are spaces (%20) in the URL.

Having an option to upload an image directly by the URL would ease the process and would make the completion of the source field sort of pointless.
Additional Info:
Deusexcalamus replied at 2014-09-05 22:55:15
It does. Put the link to the image in the 'source' field.

SystemError replied at 2014-09-20 18:07:05
Heh... It should be stated on the upload page it does actually supports URL uploading, I lived in oblivion, and I feel bad now.

lozertuser replied at 2020-03-24 05:27:06
We've removed this "feature" as it isn't really appropriate these days.