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Ticket Information - ID: #767

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0000767Feature RequestnormalN/A09/19/14 06:58PM
Assigned to:geltas
View StatusPublic
Target Version:N/A
Summary:Have a suggestion to make browsing images over long periods much easier
Description:So there are times when I search something that has a lot of results. Kind of difficult to look at every result in one session. If i get to page 15 or so, and decide to look at more the next day, well, there are new results i missed; plus, I have to keep that page open, else i'll have to start the search over. There also times when i have a bunch of pages open with a lot of different search results that I don't want to lose, but keeping them open would clog my browser up. So i'm thinking, what if whenever you're logged in and search a specific thing, only images you haven't seen pop up? It would be optional, but this way if I search something with a lot of results, I can just go back to it the next day on page 1 and not have to sift through images I've already seen. My 2nd suggestion with is being able to save search results. What if I find a really awesome tag but don't have the time to go through it at the moment. I could bookmark it but I feel it would be easier to just favorite that search result (keep all of my Gelbooru stuff here).

Another suggestion is being able to have folders within your favorites. Something like what e-hentai has for hentai, but with images here.

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