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Ticket Information - ID: #841

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0000841Feature RequestnormalN/A06/14/16 01:11AMlozertuser
Assigned to:geltas
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Target Version:N/A
Summary:Simplify pool management
Description:In short, when viewing an image, add a link either underneath (or replacing) the "Add to Favorites" link that reads "Add to Pool" (or "Add to Album") to simplify the addition of images to pools.

===Further details===

1. Under "My Account" tab (page=account&s=home), change "My Favorites" to read "My Pools" (or "My Albums" or "My Boards" or whatever noun makes the most sense.) In essence, user accounts can hold multiple "My Favorite's" lists/folders.

2. Have the current "My Favorites" images of each user act like a "Private Pool" assigned to its user; title it "My General Pool" or "My Unsorted Album" or leave it as "My Favorites" or something that makes sense (keeping in mind I'm using the current definition/differentiation between "Private Pool" [creator curated / public read-only] and "Personal Pool" [creator access only]... though for argument's sake I think the naming scheme should be reversed: I would rather share my "personal" stash with friends rather than my "private" stash, right? ...but I digress.)

3. In the new "My Albums" page under "My Account", add a link that reads"Create New Album"

4. Have the user title it whatever.

5. When on an image, clicking the "Add to Album" will open up a popup with a dropdown list of Albums the user personally created or a text field which allows the user to either enter the Album ID or the Album name of which the image will be added to. Similar to Spotify's web-based site where you add the current song to one of your playlists of choice.
Additional Info:(First time ticket poster. Referred here after my forum post . Forgive me ahead of time if I approached this "leaving a recommendation" thing wrong. No intention to upset anyone. Just trying.)
TwistedMind replied at 2016-06-14 01:17:49
This problem arose when I couldn't easily add specific images to my pools... (Without sorting through hundreds of search results.)

TwistedMind replied at 2016-06-14 11:07:46
... I also can't seem to delete my previous Ticket comment. Nor edit my current Ticket. Nor edit my Ticket comment. The Ticket system seems to need tweaking. Should I add another Ticket for that?

lozertuser replied at 2016-06-16 02:37:10
Tickets are not to be fluid, they are to be static as well as responses.