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Ticket Information - ID: #842

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0000842Bug Reportingnormalalways06/19/16 01:47PMJerl
Assigned to:geltas
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Target Version:N/A
Summary:Cannot upload webm
Description:I wanted to post new webms but after the upload I'm redirected to the main page.
It failed in both Firefox and Chrome.
Additional Info:
Jerl replied at 2016-06-19 22:06:47
Did you use the WebM upload page to upload them?

Did you try the same WebM both times? If there's a problem with the WebM causing the site to reject it, it'll reject it no matter what browser you upload from.

Jerl replied at 2016-06-20 10:18:04
Those 3 WebM's have already been uploaded:

It appears that someone *just* beat you to the punch. The fact that you two hit the exact same md5, which is what the site checks to stop duplicate uploads, is pretty impressive, but normal if you used the same software and each used the default or fairly common settings.

Jerl replied at 2016-06-20 10:21:14
Just as an added note, you should always use IQDB to check if your post has already been uploaded before uploading. If an upload fails like this, you can check if the md5 exists by using the following URL, replacing {md5} with the actual md5 hash of your upload:{md5}

You can get the md5 sum of your files using many different free software programs, but I suggest MD5summer:

fuckitall257 replied at 2016-06-20 10:38:36
lol. This guys beat me, indeed. But I'm the original creator, hence the same hash.

I just uploaded them on 4chan before posting them here. He was fast! Oh well, at least, they're on the website now.

Maybe a feature request would be a cleaner way to tell the users it's already on the website. :)

Thanks for your help.

Jerl replied at 2016-06-20 11:02:09
The upload page for normal images will tell you if the post has already been uploaded. I guess that got overlooked when creating the webm upload page. I'll pass that up to the site owner.