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Ticket Information - ID: #891

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0000891Feature Requestnormalalways06/04/17 07:34PM
Assigned to:geltas
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Target Version:N/A
Summary:Order For Pools ! Alphabetical and Numerical
Description:This may seem crazy

If I were to create a new Pool, it would appear at the top of the Pool list automatically (in the Pools tab), and all Pools which I have made are at the top, in order by date and time created (Newest to Oldest), but what if all my Pools were in alphabetical and numerical order by the names assigned to them? 1 to Infinity. A to Z.

The Feature I am suggesting would make Pools organize together by common names! It would be beautiful and easy to organize your favorite Posts via Pools!

An Alphabetical and Numerical system on the Pools list (to the Pools you created) would make the sorting and viewing of your favorite Posts within Pools far easier; opposed to current Date and Time system or even using your Favorites list.

Also, a Pool with a name that starts with a number would appear on the list above all Pools whose names begin with a letter or a word. This way, you can place a Pool which you favor or are working on at the top of the list with ease.

Anyone could make good use of this Feature and I would be ecstatic to see its installation.
(The idea for Alphabetical and numeral sorting was inspired by the way files are listed in File Explorer)

While I have no club on how much work it would take to add this feature, perhaps a simpler number ordering system would work better, with assigning numbers to Pools, lower numbered ones appear first at the top of the list and so on.
Additional Info:Here's an example of a way to use this idea -

Let's say we know of five Artists, and want to organize our favorite Posts of their images separately into three categories within Pools: a Pool for our favorite Safe Posts, another for our favorite Swimsuit Posts, and one more for our favorite Explicit Posts. We would simply create a total of 15 Pools, three for each Artist, and name the Pools as follows:

"Safe [Artist's name here]"
"Swimsuit [Artist's name here]"
"Explicit [Artist's name here]"

These Pools would then appear on the Pools list in order by name! Possibilities for this are endless!
I hope I explained the concept well enough for you to see how nice it would be.

-Thank you, I greatly appreciate all this website has to offer.