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Ticket Information - ID: #903

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0000903Feature Requestnormalalways08/16/17 04:29PM
Assigned to:lozertuser
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Target Version:
Summary:Add proper HTML markup
Description:Another Gelbooru markup/CSS update has come and gone, but the underlying HTML structure remains the same mess it has been for years. There are just endless stacks of bare elements with no no containers, no classes, no IDs. I can give specific examples where it's particularly awful, but in general it's "anywhere in the left pane or middle pane."

This kind of markup makes writing custom CSS, user scripts, etc. difficult and prone to breaking whenever the slightest thing changes in the page layout. It would be very helpful, not to mention just standard practice, to organize things in at least a purely semantic structure of containers and give everything a class and/or ID.
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