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Ticket Information - ID: #904

ID:Category:SeverityReproducibilityDate SubmittedUpdated By:
0000904Browser Problemsnormalalways08/22/17 06:48AMlozertuser
Assigned to:lozertuser
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Summary:Everything but image pages loading very slowly
Description:The webpages for the forums, user settings, uploading, wikis etc are all taking over a minute to load for me, but searching for images, individual image pages and the homepage are all fine. I'm using a mid-2012 Macbook Air with OS Sierra version 10.12.5, and the loading issue is present on the latest versions of both Safari and Chrome.
Additional Info:
AngryZapdos replied at 2017-08-22 12:03:39
The issue seems to have stopped. If it starts happening again I'll reply to this ticket about it.

lozertuser replied at 2017-08-22 13:23:38
A link was pointing to the wrong server, this has been fixed.