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Ticket Information - ID: #905

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0000905Feature RequestLowN/A08/30/17 02:23PM
Assigned to:lozertuser
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Target Version:0.2.5
Summary:Better organize Gelbooru tags
Description:I've always been a user of Gelbooru but the tagging system has always bothered me. The tags are terribly formatted with lots of wasted space in between that doesn't need to be there. Here is a picture showing a direct comparison on how danbooru formats its tags.

The inclusion of copyrights, characters, and artists is a great way to give priority to the important tags. The spacing of the tags also gives a lot of wasted screen space that forces gelbooru users to scroll down to even see the full list. I'm on a 1920x1080 display as well.

If possible I would like tag formatting to be similar to danbooru or have a compact view option with copyrights, characters, and artists at the top.
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