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Ticket Information - ID: #911

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0000911Feature RequestHighalways11/15/17 06:49PMJerl
Assigned to:geltas
View StatusPublic
Target Version:N/A
Summary:Reposition 'add to favorites' buttton to a more convenient location
Description:I'm just going to be blunt - I run into one picture I like under a tag, I now have my dick in my hand and stroking, you get hard and ready to start jumping to other similar images that turn you on but wait, I have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page where there could be a pretty long list of tags to get past before you finally reach that add to favorites button.

And by then I already lost my boner due to having to do this and the thought that I'm going to have to do the same thing for every other picture I like, it's very frustrating.

That add to favorites button is in a really bad location, it's very inconvenient to place something that important used by the majority of users the most probably at the very bottom of the page.

I'm thinking maybe a star icon to the right of an image that can be clicked once to add to favorites and of course that says favorite or add to favorites so users know what exactly that star means. And have it scroll down as the user scrolls down the page so it's always there and can be clicked on right away since for me at least I have to scroll down to check out the full image a lot of the time.

Having it at the right makes it much easier for users, only taking a second to move their mouse to the right a little bit and I'm thinking most are right handed. Notice how Google Chrome and Firefox have their page bookmarking buttons on the right side of the toolbar as well.

I'm sure many others would agree with this and I would seriously pay to have this addressed and added immediately because it's pretty important for me. I have 20 gelbooru tabs open right now, countless images to go through but the thought of having to scroll down to the bottom of every page I like to add to favorites is pretty depressing and oftentimes I just go to another site to watch porn because things just become way too tedious honestly.

Hope this gets looked at soon and thanks you guys for working so hard on the site and checking the forum a lot and these tickets, it's a great look for the site especially for new users knowing staff is very active and look after the site so well.

Additional Info:
lozertuser replied at 2017-11-16 01:18:02
I wonder if we could implement hotkeys to favorite images (f), as (n) for note editing mode already is a thing.

xj9envoskajev replied at 2017-12-12 17:41:59
Yeah that would be great and also maybe an option to change what that hotkey is according to a user's preferences, what they might be most comfortable with. Like for me once you said (f) I imagined myself in my usual scenarios browsing through Gelbooru and to be frank I'm going to have my junk in my right hand and my left hand on the mouse (I'm sure this is the case for many others or vise versa for left-handed users) so if I'm in my fapping session I really want to do everything possible to avoid taking my hand off the mouse, I just want to click on that image that caught my eye, save it for later with the least amount of effort possible.

I want to focus on enjoying all these great images while quickly and efficiently building a nice collection of my personal favorites without being distracted by finding a key on the keyboard every single time I need to favorite something. And I'm a very skilled typist with years of transcription experience, and I'm here saying I would rather not have to press a key to favorite every image. Still I think I could manage anyway, better than having to scroll down to the bottom of a page every time and of course this is just my own personal preference which can vary greatly among other users. So having the flexibility to change that favorite button to whatever we like would be great. Like I might make that favorite button one of my side mouse buttons which would be much more convenient than having to move my hand off the mouse while sifting through hundreds and thousands of images to press one key every time we want to add to favorites.

Jerl replied at 2017-12-20 11:22:31
Better solution than us having to write an unlikely amount of JavaScript: bound your side mouse button to f when your browser is the active window. Most mice with extra buttons have this capability if you install their driver suite. For example, Logitech mice have Logitech Gaming Software for gaming mice and Setpoint for non-gaming mice.