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Ticket Information - ID: #924

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0000924Bug Reportingnormalalways01/29/18 02:55AMJerl
Assigned to:lozertuser
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Summary:straight_shota tag not displaying images.
Description:Title says most of it. Whenever I try to see posts with straight_shota I am greeted by the site saying:

"Nobody here but us chickens!
Check your blacklist. We now automatically omit terms from your search when you have any tag there."

Which is funny, because my blacklist is actually empty. Tested on Firefox, Edge, Chrome and Brave browser (Android) all with incognito on (also tested without it) and adblocking disabled.
Additional Info:
Rezaru replied at 2018-01-30 02:40:23
I also experience this issue on Chrome. My blacklist is also empty and in the "Tags" section of the site, "straight_shota" only has 2898 images, which is way down from where it used to be.

Jerl replied at 2018-01-30 02:49:22
As throwdj26 stated, "straight_shota" is no longer a valid tag and was intentionally removed from all posts it was on. The 2898 posts the counter lists are mostly deleted posts that don't get affected by mass tagging but continue to be counted by the counters. Do not use "straight_shota" anymore; instead use the tags "hetero" and "shota" together.