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Ticket Information - ID: #950

ID:Category:SeverityReproducibilityDate SubmittedUpdated By:
0000950Bug Reportingnormalalways11/01/18 06:20AMAnotherdamncat
Assigned to:geltas
View StatusPublic
Target Version:N/A
Summary:Certain tags not working as intended, but they don’t appear to be hooked to any other tag.
Description:The tags covered_nipples and nipples_under_clothes seem to be bugged out, as they do not return any of their images but also don’t hook properly.
Additional Info:
Jerl replied at 2018-11-01 11:11:30
Those tags are functioning just fine. The tag counters include deleted posts. Some posts were deleted before the tag was removed from them.

We do not use "covered_nipples" or "nipples_under_clothes". We still use "erect_nipples" instead, with the same definition.

I'm assuming that by "hook" you mean that they are not aliased. This is correct. The tag has been removed from all posts by a mass edit, not by a hard alias. There is no hard alias, so it won't redirect you to the correct tag.

Anotherdamncat replied at 2018-11-02 03:57:37
Thank you! I recalled in the past that erect_nipples was a generic term for such a thing, while the other tags were specific to clothing, but it seems that got switcherood underneath me. I apologize for the confusion!

And yeah! I don’t know the lingo of the site, but coming from a non-web-design programming background I default to calling anytime one tag auto-feeds into another a hook. I apologize for that confusion as well!