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Tag type: General

Perspective or action that has character looking down.

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 +_+ 1girl 3boys amy_rose anchor_symbol animal_ears animal_nose arrow_(symbol) bare_shoulders black_background blue_fur bow bowtie bracelet brown_cape brown_fur brown_headwear buttons cake cape chinchila010 closed_eyes commentary dress english_commentary english_text eyelashes family_guy_death_pose_(meme) floor food fox_boy fox_ears fox_tail fur_trim furry furry_female furry_male gloves gold_bracelet gold_trim gradient_background green_eyes green_jacket grey_background hairband hand_on_own_chest hand_up hands_up hat heart heart_hands hedgehog hedgehog_ears hedgehog_girl hedgehog_tail highres jacket jewelry long_sleeves looking_at_another looking_at_viewer looking_down lying meme mini_hat multiple_boys multiple_tails official_alternate_costume on_back open_mouth orange_fur pink_fur protagonist_(the_murder_of_sonic_the_hedgehog) purple_jacket red_bow red_bowtie red_dress red_footwear red_fur red_hairband seiza shadow shoes simple_background sitting sleeveless sleeveless_dress smile sneakers socks sonic_(series) sonic_the_hedgehog speech_bubble standing star_(symbol) sweatdrop tail tails_(sonic) teeth the_murder_of_sonic_the_hedgehog tongue two-tone_fur two_tails white_gloves white_headwear white_socks
 1girl bare_shoulders black_sun bow-shaped_hair closed_mouth commentary_request constellation constellation_print detached_sleeves dress forehead_jewel fu_xuan_(honkai:_star_rail) hair_ornament hair_rings hair_stick high_heels highres honkai:_star_rail honkai_(series) jewelry leggings long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_down low_twintails pantyhose parted_bangs pink_hair pink_tassel purple_rope rope solo sun sunkilow tassel tassel_hair_ornament twintails two-tone_eyes white_leggings white_pantyhose
 1girl ahoge aqua_panties aroused ayachi_nene black_jacket blurry blurry_background blush bow breasts cameltoe classroom clothes_lift comiket_96 commentary_request cowboy_shot crotch_rub desk drooling eyelashes female_masturbation fumimaru furrowed_brow grey_hair grey_sailor_collar grey_skirt hair_between_eyes hair_ribbon half-closed_eyes head_tilt highres impossible_clothes indoors jacket large_breasts lifted_by_self lips long_hair long_sleeves looking_down masturbation miniskirt mouth_drool open_mouth panties pink_ribbon plaid plaid_skirt pleated_skirt pussy_juice pussy_juice_stain ribbon sailor_collar sanoba_witch school_desk school_uniform skirt skirt_lift solo standing straight_hair table_humping tears translation_request underwear very_long_hair visible_air yellow_bow
 2girls aged_down animal animal_on_hand braided_sidelock bush child closed_mouth collared_dress column copyright_name dress dutch_angle frog from_side frown furrowed_brow green_eyes grey_eyes grey_hair hair_intakes hairband hand_up hands_up highres holding holding_umbrella karasuro leaf logo long_hair looking_at_animal looking_down multiple_girls open_mouth orange_hair overcast pillar profile reverse:1999 shade short_hair sidelocks sky sonetto_(reverse:1999) tree two_side_up umbrella upper_body vertin_(reverse:1999) white_dress white_hairband
 1girl absurdres animal_ears arms_behind_back bikini black_bikini blush bow character_request copyright_request fox_ears highres light_blush long_hair looking_down micro_bikini parted_lips red_eyes simple_background sirotuki_ito solo stomach swimsuit thigh_gap thighs very_long_hair white_background white_hair
 1girl aqua_hair black_thighhighs blue_hair blue_necktie creatures_(company) game_freak gen_4_pokemon ghost_miku_(project_voltage) hatsune_miku highres leaf light_blue_hair long_hair looking_down mismagius necktie nintendo orange_eyes pentagon_(railgun_ky1206) pokemon pokemon_(creature) project_voltage sitting skirt sleeveless thighhighs twintails very_long_hair vocaloid wooden_floor

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