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Situation in which the post has been either fully or partially translated, but a second opinion is needed. This is to ensure the translation provided to the post is most correct. Any mistakes seen can be corrected.

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 1girl artist_name black_one-piece_swimsuit blonde_hair blue_eyes blush braid braided_hair_rings check_commentary check_translation commentary_request cowboy_shot crossed_arms dated flick_(sal23) hair_bobbles hair_ornament highres kinosaki_arisa_(onsen_musume) old_school_swimsuit one-piece_swimsuit onsen_musume open_mouth school_swimsuit sidelocks signature standing swimsuit translation_request twin_braids
 1girl adjusting_clothes adjusting_skirt ahoge alisa_mikhailovna_kujou andrian_januar_adilia armpit_crease blue_eyes breasts check_translation commentary english_commentary flower_knot green_skirt grey_hair hair_between_eyes highres indonesian_text long_hair looking_at_viewer medium_breasts parted_lips shirt sidelocks skirt sleeveless sleeveless_shirt solo speech_bubble standing sundanese_text tokidoki_bosotto_roshia-go_de_dereru_tonari_no_arya-san translation_request turtleneck turtleneck_shirt upper_body zoom_layer
 1girl absurdres artist_name black_background blush_stickers breath_weapon breathing_fire bright_pupils check_translation china_dress chinese_clothes chromatic_aberration claw_pose clenched_hand cowboy_shot draco_centauros dragon_girl dragon_horns dragon_tail dragon_wings dress elbow_gloves film_grain fire gloves green_eyes green_hair hands_up highres horns leg_up madou_monogatari menma_(enaic31) pants pelvic_curtain pointy_ears puyopuyo red_dress red_footwear retro_artstyle shoes short_hair simple_background single_blush_sticker sleeveless sleeveless_dress solo tail translation_request twitter_username white_gloves white_pants white_pupils wings
 1boy 1girl angry aubrey_(headspace)_(omori) aubrey_(omori) ball blue_shirt blush bow check_translation hair_bow highres holding holding_ball kel_(headspace)_(omori) kel_(omori) limited_palette long_hair looking_at_another menma_(enaic31) multicolored_shirt omori open_mouth pink_bow purple_hair shirt sleeveless teeth translation_request twitter_username upper_teeth_only white_background
 2girls absurdres asado0000 blue_eyes blush bocchi_the_rock! breasts check_translation chibi cleavage dress female_focus gotoh_hitori highres jacket jewelry kita_ikuyo multiple_girls pink_hair pink_jacket pink_track_suit red_hair ring side_ahoge translation_request wedding wedding_dress wedding_ring wife_and_wife yellow_eyes yuri
 1girl 2091966 absurdres artist_name barefoot bikini black_hairband blue_eyes bow breasts check_translation chinese_commentary collarbone frilled_bikini frills goggles green_bikini green_bow hairband highres konpaku_youmu konpaku_youmu_(ghost) partially_submerged pool small_breasts soles swimsuit toes touhou translation_request water white_hair

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