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Tag refers to the 1983 arcade Mario game. Images featuring Mario and Luigi should be tagged as Mario, Luigi, brothers, and siblings.

It is set entirely within some sewers with multiple floors. Gameplay consists of Mario and Luigi clearing out the monsters that pop out of pipes and trying to survive for as long as possible.

This game is notable for being Luigi's debut in the Mario franchise. At this point in the franchise, he was a palette swap of his older brother but he will eventually gain his own distinctive physical and personality qualities. However, the commercial for the Atari port of the game was the first time Luigi was portrayed as being more timid than his brother as it featured Luigi panicking and calling out "Mario, where are you?!" This character trait would resurface in Luigi's Mansion which made this portrayal canon.

It is the first Mario game to allow more than one player to play at the same time. While this game is not the series codifier, it introduced many elements that would recur throughout the Mario franchise. This game introduced enemy turtles, called Shellcreepers, whose shells can be used as weapons, warp pipes, and collecting coins. The iconic default way of defeating Mario enemies, jumping on their heads, does not work in this game. Rather, the player must flip the enemies over by jumping and hitting the floor they're standing on. For example, if there's an enemy on the second floor, the player must attack from the first floor by jumping and hitting right underneath the floor the enemy is standing on. Once the enemy is on its back or head and vulnerable, the player can run into it and finish it off. This game also introduced the POW block which can instantly flip all enemies on their backs. However, usage of this powerful item is limited.

This game is often featured as a bonus game in later Mario titles. Super Mario Bros. 3 featured a bonus game based off of this one and the Super Mario Advance series also included this game as well.

Super Smash Bros. also features a stage based off of this game that mimics the original's mechanics closely. The monsters from the original are also obstacles and can make the fight even more chaotic.

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