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Hair that is coiled to create a curly effect. People can be born with naturally curly hair, or can perm it to create artificial curls. This tag is for the more natural effect of curly hair. For the more extreme ringlets, see drill_hair.

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 1girl absurdres alternate_costume artist_name bridal_gauntlets butt_plug cleft_of_venus commentary crown cup cupping_glass curly_hair drinking_glass english_commentary feet gloves gold_bracelet gold_choker gold_necklace green_eyes green_hair green_nails hands_up highres holding holding_cup jewel_butt_plug jewelry knees_to_chest looking_at_viewer mmmalice nail_polish necklace nipple_piercing nude one-punch_man pendant piercing pussy sex_toy short_hair signature single_thighhigh sitting solo stirrup_legwear tatsumaki thigh_strap thighhighs toeless_legwear toenail_polish toenails toes v-shaped_eyebrows white_gloves white_thighhighs wine_glass
 1girl amagami barefoot bikini black_hair blue_bikini breasts cleavage collarbone curly_hair feet from_below hands_on_feet highres indian_style innertube jishaku_(user_rcuz2843) looking_at_viewer messy_hair navel open_mouth ponytail sitting small_breasts smile solo stomach swim_ring swimsuit tanamachi_kaoru teeth thighs toes upper_teeth_only wavy_hair
 blue_eyes braid cape crown_braid curly_hair full_body grey_hair head_wings highres juliet_sleeves long_sleeves melia_antiqua milo_monzon puffy_sleeves skirt smile solo wings xenoblade_chronicles:_future_connected xenoblade_chronicles_(series) xenoblade_chronicles_1
 1boy black_coat book boots coat copyright_name crossed_legs curly_hair english_text eye_mask green_eyes green_hair holding holding_book knee_boots light_particles looking_at_viewer male_focus masked_deuce mast medium_hair moreshan muscular muscular_male official_art one_piece open_clothes pages parted_lips sail ship sitting smile sunset watercraft
 ! 2girls ascot augustine_sycamore black_jacket black_pants blush coat collared_shirt commentary creatures_(company) curly_hair eye_contact eyelashes fingerless_gloves flying_sweatdrops game_freak genderswap genderswap_(mtf) gloves hand_up highres jacket long_hair looking_at_another lysandre_(pokemon) multiple_girls nintendo open_clothes open_coat orange_ascot orange_hair oratoza pants pokemon pokemon_xy ponytail shirt sweatdrop white_background white_coat yellow_bag yuri
 1boy 1girl alternate_breast_size armpits arms_up bad_anatomy bag baseball_cap bikini black_vest black_wristband blue_eyes breasts brown_hair cleavage commentary cowgirl_position creatures_(company) curly_hair cutoffs denim denim_shorts english_commentary exposed_pocket game_freak hat hetero high_ponytail highres hilda_(pokemon) huge_breasts leg_grab long_hair micro_bikini navel nintendo nipples pink_bag pocket poke_ball_print pokemon pokemon_bw pubic_hair see-through_bikini sex shadow shirt shorts shoulder_bag sketch smewed squatting_cowgirl_position straddling swimsuit thighs vest white_bikini white_shirt

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