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Tag type: General

For bangs that are combed loosely to one side or the other, usually with a less distinct part than parted_bangs.

See also:

blunt_bangs - For straight-cut unparted bangs
swept_bangs - For bangs loosely combed to one side
parted_bangs - For distinctly parted bangs
hair_over_eyes - For long bangs that cover the eyes
hair_over_one_eye - The same as the above, but asymmetric

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 3girls :d amagami-san_chi_no_enmusubi amagami_asahi amagami_yae amagami_yuna artist_request black_hair blue_eyes blue_hair blue_sky blush breasts cherry_blossoms cherry_tree clenched_hand closed_mouth cloud commentary_request copyright_name copyright_notice day dot_nose double-parted_bangs eyelashes falling_petals fingernails floating_hair from_side grass green_eyes hair_between_eyes hair_ribbon hakama hakama_skirt hands_on_own_chest highres hip_vent japanese_clothes kosode lantern long_bangs long_hair looking_at_viewer low_ponytail miko multiple_girls official_art open_mouth orange_hair outdoors outstretched_arms outstretched_hand own_hands_together petals red_hakama red_ribbon red_rope red_tassel ribbon rope short_hair shrine siblings sideways_glance sisters skirt sky smile spread_fingers stairs stone_stairs straight-on straight_hair sunlight swept_bangs torii tress_ribbon turning_head wind wooden_lantern
 1boy animal_ears anohito_(asn) black_scarf bracer cat_ears closed_eyes facial_mark facing_viewer final_fantasy final_fantasy_xiv g'raha_tia grey_shirt hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hand_on_another's_ear head_rest holding holding_quill jewelry male_focus miqo'te neck_tattoo out_of_frame parted_lips pendant poking portrait quill red_hair scarf shirt short_hair simple_background sleeping solo_focus swept_bangs table tattoo white_background x_hair_ornament
 1girl 2024 arm_guards armpits artist_name black_hair breasts clenched_hand cleveage collarbone commentary crop_top elbow_gloves english_commentary female_focus final_fantasy final_fantasy_vii final_fantasy_vii_remake fingerless_gloves floating_hair gloves highres large_breasts lips lipstick long_hair makeup midriff miniskirt miss_faves navel ponytail simple_background skindentation skirt solo sports_bra spot_color square_enix standing standing_on_one_leg suspender_skirt suspenders swept_bangs thighhighs tifa_lockhart yellow_background
 1girl artist_name bare_arms bare_shoulders black_hair black_jumpsuit bow-shaped_hair breasts callie_(splatoon) cleavage detached_collar earrings fangs food food_on_head gloves gradient_hair highres hoop_earrings jewelry jumpsuit long_hair medium_breasts mole mole_under_eye multicolored_hair nintendo nomu_(29_nom) object_on_head pantyhose pink_pantyhose pointy_ears short_jumpsuit solo splatoon_(series) squid_girl strapless strapless_jumpsuit sushi swept_bangs tentacle_hair twintails twitter_username white_gloves yellow_eyes
1girl a_very_happy_potato bare_arms bare_shoulders black_hair black_jumpsuit bow-shaped_hair breasts callie_(splatoon) cleavage collarbone detached_collar earrings flipped_hair food food_on_head gradient_hair hand_on_own_hip highres hoop_earrings jewelry jumpsuit long_hair medium_breasts mole mole_under_eye multicolored_hair nintendo object_on_head pointy_ears short_jumpsuit solo splatoon_(series) strapless strapless_jumpsuit sushi swept_bangs tentacle_hair thick_eyebrows twintails yellow_eyes
 1girl animal_ears bare_shoulders black_bow black_bowtie black_hair black_leotard black_pantyhose blue_eyes bob_cut border bow bowtie breasts carrot_print choker cleavage commentary_request cowboy_shot detached_collar ear_covers ear_scrunchie eishin_flash_(umamusume) finger_to_mouth food_print grey_background gurukorian hair_between_eyes highres horse_ears horse_girl horse_tail large_breasts leaning_forward leotard looking_at_viewer nontraditional_playboy_bunny pantyhose playboy_bunny red_choker scrunchie short_hair simple_background solo strapless strapless_leotard swept_bangs tail thighband_pantyhose umamusume white_border white_scrunchie wrist_cuffs

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