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パロディ, パロディー, 模仿

An imitation of another work, often for comic effect.

This often includes mimicking a scene, line of dialogue, art style, or something else from another series. It might also be a general spoof or reference to another series or character.

Parodies and memes are closely related. Usually a parody is a one-off joke, while a meme is a joke that has become popular and has been imitated by many people.

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 2girls blue_hair bocchi_the_rock! commentary_request cube_hair_ornament gotoh_hitori green_eyes hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hairclip highres indoors jacket long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_another medium_hair multiple_girls one_side_up parody pink_hair pink_jacket scared sidelocks signpost suwaneko tearing_up the_exit_8 track_jacket translation_request trembling yamada_ryo
 1girl ahoge bali black_gloves black_sports_bra blonde_hair breasts clothing_cutout crop_top cropped_sweater elegg_(nikke) exposed_pocket gloves glowing glowing_eyes goddess_of_victory:_nikke grey_shorts hair_intakes hair_over_eyes highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon large_breasts long_bangs long_sleeves micro_shorts multicolored_clothes multicolored_gloves multicolored_hair navel parody red_eyes short_hair shorts shoulder_cutout sports_bra suspender_shorts suspenders sword thigh_strap thighs two-tone_hair weapon yellow_gloves
 arashi_(44253033) garfield highres no_humans parody smoke spacecraft starfield thrusters vehicle_focus
 :d azumanga_daioh's_school_uniform azumanga_daiou bell black_eyes bright_pupils collarbone cowbell drumsticks empty_eyes full_body gyari_(imagesdawn)_(style) holding holding_drumsticks holding_instrument instrument kasuga_ayumu limited_palette loafers long_sleeves looking_at_viewer medium_hair meme mihama_chiyo neck_ribbon open_mouth osakasa parody pleated_skirt raised_eyebrows ribbon sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku seyana_(meme) shoes short_twintails skirt smile socks speech_bubble style_parody teeth translated twintails upper_body upper_teeth_only white_sailor_collar winter_uniform
 1girl absurdres beret black_hat black_ribbon brown_eyes brown_hair car closed_mouth collared_shirt commentary drive_(movie) driving english_commentary flower hair_flower hair_ornament hair_ribbon hat hatoba_tsugu highres jitome long_sleeves looking_at_viewer medium_hair mimizu_ningen mole mole_under_eye motor_vehicle neck_ribbon outdoors outstretched_arm parody ribbon rose shirt solo steering_wheel suspenders tsugu_(vtuber) upper_body virtual_youtuber white_flower white_rose white_shirt
 1girl absurdres anya's_heh_face_(meme) black_eyes blue_bow blue_dress blue_eyes blue_hair blush blush_stickers bow bowtie cirno closed_mouth collared_shirt dress expressions hair_between_eyes hands_on_own_hips highres looking_to_the_side looking_up meme miz_(mizillustration) multiple_views one-hour_drawing_challenge parody parororo puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves red_bow red_bowtie shirt short_hair short_sleeves simple_background sketch smile smug spy_x_family surprised teeth the_memories_of_phantasm touhou upper_body v-shaped_eyebrows white_background

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