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ぺたん座り, 女の子座り, アヒル座り

Wariza (割座), also known as "w-sitting" or "reverse tailor style sitting" in English, is a sitting posture whereby the butt is on the floor and the lower legs are bent backwards on each side of the body. It is the traditional informal sitting style for Japanese women. If the legs are folded out to only one side, then it is called yokozuwari. If the feet are resting underneath the buttocks instead of out to the sides of them, then it is called seiza.

Doing this generally requires the femurs to be internally (AKA medially) rotated within the hip sockets, pointing the patellas (fronts of the knees) inward and soles of the feet outward.

The other Japanese names are: 女の子座り (onna-no-ko-zuwari, girl's sitting), アヒル座り (ahiru-zuwari, duck sitting), or ぺたん座り (petan-zuwari).

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