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 1girl bitch black_hair black_panties black_skirt bleach hooker japanese_clothes kimono kuchiki_rukia legs medium_hair miniskirt panties presenting prostitute sexually_suggestive short_hair skirt solo underwear
 1girl asian black_hair bleach cosplay kuchiki_rukia kuchiki_rukia_(cosplay) medium_hair miniskirt photo_(medium) presenting real_life school_uniform sexually_suggestive short_hair skirt sword uniform weapon
 1girl absurdres bankai bleach bleach:_sennen_kessen-hen blue_eyes hakka_no_togame_(bankai) highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon ice_crystal ice_flower ice_shard japanese_clothes katana kimono kuchiki_rukia looking_at_viewer ribbon short_hair solo sword waligner weapon white_hair white_kimono white_ribbon
 1girl arm_support artist_name ass bare_arms bare_legs barefoot beach black_hair blanket bleach blue_one-piece_swimsuit blue_sky blush breasts clenched_hand commentary day dutch_angle english_commentary feet foreshortening from_side full_body hair_between_eyes highres kuchiki_rukia legs lips looking_at_viewer lotion lying ocean on_stomach one-piece_swimsuit outdoors paid_reward_available parted_lips purple_eyes rocky-ace shiny_skin short_hair sideways_glance sky small_breasts smile soles solo straight_hair sunscreen swimsuit the_pose thighs toenails toes tsurime
 1boy 1girl absurdres as_nodt battle black_border black_hair black_kimono bleach bleach:_sennen_kessen-hen border cape extra_eyes facing_viewer feet_out_of_frame fighting_stance floating_hair hair_between_eyes halo hat highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon japanese_clothes katana ken'ichi_(ken1ro_u) kimono kubo_tite_(style) kuchiki_rukia long_hair looking_at_viewer monochrome obi official_style open_mouth parted_lips sash scar scar_on_face short_hair sode_no_shirayuki_(shikai) standing star_halo stitched_torso stitches sword teeth translation_request upturned_eyes vollstandig weapon white_cape
 4girls 6+boys :< annotated aqua_eyes ashisogi_jizou_(shikai) asymmetrical_hair black_hair bleach bleach:_epilogue blunt_bangs braid breasts character_chart cherry_blossoms closed_eyes collarbone commentary_request expressionless eyepatch facial_hair furrowed_brow glasses grin haguro_tonbo_(shikai) hair_between_eyes hair_ornament haori happy highres hirako_shinji hitsugaya_toushirou holding holding_sword holding_weapon iba_tetsuzaemon iba_tetsuzaemon's_shikai itegumo_(shikai) japanese_clothes katen_kyoukotsu_(shikai) ken'ichi_(ken1ro_u) kinshara_(shikai) kotetsu_isane kuchiki_byakuya kuchiki_rukia kurotsuchi_mayuri kyouraku_shunsui large_breasts looking_at_viewer muguruma_kensei multiple_boys multiple_girls mustache nose nozarashi_(shikai) ootoribashi_roujuurou open_mouth orange_eyes parted_lips petals sakanade_(shikai) scar senbonzakura_(shikai) serious shikai shinigami short_hair_with_long_locks simple_background single_braid smile sode_no_shirayuki_(shikai) spoilers stubble sui-feng sunglasses suzumebachi_(shikai) sword tachikaze_(shikai) taichou_haori teeth weapon white_background white_hair yadoumaru_lisa yellow_eyes yellow_teeth zanpakutou zaraki_kenpachi

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