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Tag type: General

Lines that appear behind a fast-moving object to show speed of motion.

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 1girl ^_^ animal_ear_hairband animal_ears apron at_computer bandaid bandaids_on_nipples black_skirt black_sleeves black_thighhighs blue_bow blue_bowtie blush_stickers bottle bow bowtie breasts cat_ear_hairband cat_ears closed_eyes computer crt cup drinking fake_animal_ears hair_ribbon hairband holding holding_bottle holding_cup lokulo-chan_(lokulo_no_mawashimono) lokulo_no_mawashimono loli low_twintails lowres motion_lines multiple_views oekaki on_stool original pasties puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves purple_hair red_ribbon ribbon short_sleeves shrug_(clothing) skirt small_breasts thighhighs topless translation_request twintails unworn_hairband waist_apron water_bottle |_|
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