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Every user and image on Pixiv has a unique ID number. The bad_id tag is typically used when a Pixiv image or user ID number is present, usually in the source field or the artist's tag, but that number is no longer useable because the corresponding page or account has been deleted from Pixiv.

Common types of Pixiv URLs include,
(mouse over to see the full link if the title has been shortened)

A member's profile page

The same member's picture gallery

The page for a specific image from that gallery, with the tags, artist's comments, et cetera

The page for the full-size image, with no text.

The url of the actual image file. redkick is the member's login name. It seems that at the moment, the Pixiv search engine doesn't support searching by login name, only by the member's nickname, which is usually something completely different that changes frequently.

Web browser plugins for uploading to boorus often put the url of the image (#5 above) into the source field. If your referrer is not from, Pixiv's web server will return HTTP 403 Forbidden. (See: .)

You can take an image's ID number and manually construct a URL of type 3 to get to its page, and thereby to the artist's gallery. If you get a page which says,「 該当作品は削除されたか、存在しない作品IDです。」("No such ID, the corresponding work may have been deleted") then bad_id applies.

In that case, you may be able to use the artist's tag on gelbooru to find some more pictures by them with IDs that can be used to make a useable URL, and get to their gallery that way.

Pixiv requires a (free) account in order to browse their site. If you try to follow links of type 1-4 when not logged in, you will get a login page. Type 5 will never work.

If you can't read the page you get to determine whether the picture or account is gone or whether it's some other problem, you should not tag the image with bad_id.

Suspended account errors ("該当ユーザーのアカウントは停止されています。") should not be treated as bad_id, as those are presumably only temporary.

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