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Tag type: General

A character (usually female with a flat_chest) places their hands or some other object over their bare chest to hide it. Compare covering_breasts

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 1girl :o absurdres animal_ears asymmetrical_legwear bare_shoulders black_eyes black_hair blue_nails blush character_profile commentary_request covering_chest covering_privates dark-skinned_female dark_skin dress flat_chest from_behind full_body highres jacket medium_hair multiple_views open_mouth original owasaki panties shorts simple_background smile topless track_jacket translation_request underwear uneven_legwear white_background white_panties
 2boys ^^^ abs bara bare_pectorals blank_stare character_request clothes_lift covering_chest covering_privates cowboy_shot facial_hair fujiki_yusaku goatee kbr_oekaki large_pectorals lifting_own_clothes male_focus medium_hair mismatched_eyebrows multiple_boys muscular muscular_male navel nipples pectorals purple_hair shirt_lift short_hair shy sideburns_stubble sky solo_focus standing stomach stubble sweat v-taper very_sweaty wiping_sweat yu-gi-oh! yu-gi-oh!_vrains
 3girls barefoot bikini blue_hair blunt_bangs blurry blush cameltoe covering_chest covering_privates depth_of_field fang flat_chest front-tie_bikini_top front-tie_top green_eyes himekawa_fubuki kengou_benimaru kuruhoshi_nayu multicolored_hair multiple_girls navel no_pupils nollety open_mouth pale_skin pointy_ears ponytail raidou_hinoko red_hair short_hair side-tie_bikini_bottom swimsuit two-tone_hair youkai_watch youkai_watch_jam:_youkai_gakuen_y
 1girl absurdres anger_vein bags_under_eyes bare_legs barefoot black_hair blue_archive blue_eyes blue_hairband blue_ribbon book cardigan cardigan_on_shoulders closed_mouth commentary_request covering_chest covering_privates crossed_bangs feet female_pubic_hair grey_background hair_between_eyes hair_ribbon hairband highres holding holding_book jitome long_hair naked_cardigan open_cardigan open_clothes pubic_hair ribbon ringed_eyes sattinittas simple_background sitting solo sweat toes translation_request ui_(blue_archive) v-shaped_eyebrows very_long_hair wariza
 1girl absurdres au_arigatou barefoot blue_eyes blue_hair braid covering_chest covering_privates crossed_bangs feet full_body hair_between_eyes highres long_braid long_hair looking_at_viewer m_legs mushoku_tensei navel roxy_migurdia solo thighs toes twin_braids underwear underwear_only
 1girl breasts convenient_censoring covering_chest covering_privates green_hair hexavt hikkimoshi kneeling nude pointy_ears rubber_duck small_breasts taroni_(artist) twitch virtual_youtuber water

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