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Tag refers to images referencing the eponymous protagonist of the Mad_Max franchise. He usually dresses in a black leather police uniform, but in each installment of the franchise, his default outfit is tweaked. His outfit is shiniest in the first film, but is worn and torn to the point that it looks very different from the original in the sequels due to the hardships of surviving in a post apocalyptic landscape as well as Max adding other components to the outfit.

He is generally a quiet man with a mind his own business attitude. The amount of dialogue he has is so limited that in the second film, he only speaks 16 lines of dialogue. At the start of the series, he is a police officer with superb driving skills, making him the best officer on the force. He has a happy family with Jessie, his wife, and Sprog, his son. Despite his skills, Max is concerned that he may become as ruthless as the criminals he hunts and doesn't want to stay on the police force too long. After a ruthless gang led by Toecutter, takes out his family and friends, Max succumbs to his building rage and relentlessly pursues the members, killing them one by one. He succeeds in getting his vengeance, but he has also lost everyone close to him as well as his humanity. In the post-apocalyptic sequels, Max quietly wanders the deserted land alone, focusing only on his own survival and not bothering to make connections with others. Yet in spite of his attempts to stay alone and not connect with others, he still has a strong sense of compassion buried within him. His past failures to save people haunt him to the point that he fears he is becoming 'mad' himself. Each sequel has him becoming involved with various oppressed peoples and ultimately deciding to help them fend off their oppressors. In doing so, he gradually regains the humanity he lost as a result of the first film.

While Max drives numerous vehicles throughout the franchise, he is most famous for driving the Pursuit Special, a black V8 Interceptor, a car given to him in the first movie as a gift from his boss, Fifi, to entice him to stay on the police force. Besides Max's driving skills, he is skilled at survival and is almost always well prepared for any kind of trouble. As the series goes on, he suffers more devastating injuries that he does not fully recover from, but no matter how much Max loses, he does not give up on any goal he sets for himself. In combat, he often uses a sawed off shotgun.

He is played by Mel Gibson (Mad Max 1-3) and Tom Hardy (Fury Road).

While the character has become one of Gibson's most iconic roles, Gibson did not expect to land the role. When he first went to audition, he had just been in a drunken brawl with three men and his face was badly injured as a result. He only went to accompany his friend and fellow actor Steve Bisely who was eventually cast as Goose. The casting agent assumed Gibson's injured appearance was his actual one and told him to come back in two weeks because the film needed some freaky looking people. By the time Gibson came back, his wounds had healed and the filmmakers initially did not recognize him. Nevertheless, he ended up playing the lead role.

From Mad Max Fury Road onwards, Gibson was replaced by Hardy as Max. The film's concept was conceived during the 1990s and Gibson was intended to reprise the role, but over the next two decades, Fury Road kept suffering production delays and eventually Gibson lost interest in the role. Miller felt Hardy had similar qualities as an actor as Gibson, so he was chosen to take over as Max.

The character has become as iconic as the franchise and subsequent post-apocalyptic fiction takes inspiration from his character. Hokuto_no_Ken's protagonist Kenshirou is also modeled after him.

Although Max is one of the most well-known Australian heroes in pop culture, both of his live action actors were not of Australian nationality. Gibson is American but lived in Australia for many years to the point that he developed an Australian accent that he uses in the Mad Max films and the rest of his early pre-Hollywood film work. Hardy is British. Nevertheless, many fans of the series consider Max's Australian status to be important and when previews of the 2015 Mad Max game were released with an American-accented Max, fans protested, causing the developers to recast Max with an Australian voice actor.

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