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Tag type: General

A subset of torn_clothes involving a shirt, blouse, or other generally analogous top clothes.

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 1boy 1girl absurdres anger_vein arms_behind_back artist_name bare_arms belt black_hair black_pantyhose blunt_bangs bound bound_arms bound_legs bound_tail box_tie breasts carrying carrying_person chest_harness collar colored_inner_hair commentary ehrrr ellen_joe emoji english_commentary english_text fins fish_tail full_body gagged hair_ornament hairclip harness high_heels highres large_breasts looking_at_viewer maid_headdress metal_collar mole mole_on_arm mole_under_eye multicolored_hair nipples one_breast_out out_of_frame paid_reward_available pantyhose puff_of_air puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves red_eyes red_hair restrained shark_girl shark_tail shirt shoes short_hair short_sleeves simple_background slap_mark solo_focus suspension tail thumbs_up_emoji torn_clothes torn_pantyhose torn_shirt twitter_username two-tone_hair v-shaped_eyebrows x_hair_ornament zenless_zone_zero
 1girl absurdres baseball_bat belt blonde_hair bracelet choker closed_mouth clothes_writing collarbone crop_top dc_comics english_text eyeshadow fingerless_gloves fishnet_pantyhose fishnets gloves graffiti gun hand_on_leg harley_quinn harley_quinn_(classic) harley_quinn_(suicide_squad) heart highres holster jacket jewelry lips makeup micro_shorts midriff multicolored_clothes multicolored_jacket multicolored_shorts navel official_art pantyhose pantyhose_under_shorts pink_hair realistic shirt shorts single_glove smile solo spade_(shape) spiked_bracelet spikes stanley_lau studded_belt suicide_squad tattoo torn_clothes torn_shirt twintails weapon
 2boys anal bdsm black_shirt blue_eyes blue_hair blush bondage bound brown_footwear bruise bruise_on_face capelet chinese_text coat commentary_request cum cum_on_legs dark_blue_hair dildo emotionless_sex fellatio gold_trim grabbing_another's_hair green_shirt highres holding holding_paper injury long_sleeves male_focus male_masturbation masturbation mouth_pull multiple_boys multiple_views nipple_stimulation one_eye_closed oral pants paper penis purple_coat red_pants remote_control_vibrator saibou_shinkyoku sex sex_toy shirt short_hair stole suika_(494799937) sweat through_wall torn_clothes torn_shirt translation_request utsugi_noriyuki vibrator vibrator_on_nipple white_capelet white_shirt yaoi
 2boys bdsm belt black_belt black_eyes blood blood_on_clothes blood_on_face blood_on_hands blood_on_leg blue_hair bondage bound brown_hair capelet chinese_text coat commentary_request cuffs cum cum_on_clothes cum_on_hair egg_vibrator facial handcuffs harada_minoru high_collar implied_yaoi long_sleeves male_focus medium_hair multiple_boys one_eye_closed open_clothes open_mouth penis purple_shirt remote_control_vibrator reverse_ryona saibou_shinkyoku sex_toy shirt short_hair simple_background sitting smile suika_(494799937) torn_capelet torn_clothes torn_coat torn_shirt translation_request utsugi_noriyuki vibrator white_background white_capelet white_coat
1girl agent_3_(splatoon_3) aqua_eyes aqua_hair arm_on_thigh black_pants black_sleeves black_socks cityscape closed_mouth crop_top detached_sleeves fingerless_gloves foot_dangle gloves grey_sky in-universe_location jaggy_lines knee_up light_frown looking_up neon_sign night nintendo octarian_(enemy) octoling octoling_girl octoling_player_character octostamp pants profile shinnotonari shirt sitting sky sleeveless sleeveless_shirt sleeves_past_wrists socks splatoon_(series) splatoon_3 surreal toeless_footwear torn_clothes torn_shirt wide_shot
 2girls asymmetrical_bangs blood blood_from_mouth blood_on_clothes blood_on_face blue_sailor_collar blue_serafuku bow braid braided_ponytail breasts carrying carrying_person character_request collared_shirt copyright_request crying crying_with_eyes_open fire hair_bow highres medium_breasts multiple_girls oucha_(aupt31) red_bow red_eyes red_hair sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku shirt tears torn_clothes torn_shirt white_shirt

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