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Tag type: General

Any pubic_hair(s) displaced from their point of origin. More often depicted from abrasive sexual activity, but also from regular occurrence.

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 1boy 1girl bonobo-kun_(artist) breasts cum ejaculation hetero huge_breasts huge_penis kaii_to_otome_to_kamikakushi large_breasts nipples ogawa_sumireko orgasm penis pussy sex stray_pubic_hair testicles vaginal
 1girl 9x2no18 black_hair closed_eyes clothes female_focus japanese_clothes japanese_text kimono long_hair looking_at_viewer nijisanji onomachi_haruka open_mouth ponytail side_ponytail sitting smile solo speech_bubble stray_pubic_hair sweat thought_bubble virtual_youtuber
 1boy 1girl ahegao breasts konnandaakke large_breasts sex spy_x_family stray_pubic_hair translation_request yor_briar
 absurdres artist_request breasts brown_hair highres idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls large_breasts shimamura_uzuki steam stray_pubic_hair
 1boy 1girl after_fellatio age_difference alternate_hairstyle blue_one-piece_swimsuit brown_eyes brown_hair bubukka commentary_request fellatio hetero loli looking_at_viewer one-piece_swimsuit open_mouth oral original school_swimsuit short_hair stray_pubic_hair swallowing swimsuit twintails uri_(bubukka) white_background
 1boy 1girl black_pantyhose blue_eyes breasts censored character_request copyright_request fellatio formal grey_background hetero lanyard large_breasts mosaic_censoring office_lady oral panties pantyhose pantyshot penis purple_hair short_hair simple_background stray_pubic_hair suit takato_kurosuke underwear

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