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Tag type: General

Skin that is even darker than dark_skin. This is typically used for characters who are considered racially black.
This tag should not replace "dark_skin", but instead should supplement it. That is to say, if you see a character with very dark skin, use both "very_dark_skin" and "dark_skin"

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 1boy 1girl blue_eyeshadow blue_nails brown_eyes dark-skinned_female dark_skin earrings eyeshadow fingernails fire_emblem fire_emblem_engage fogado_(fire_emblem) gold_headband highres jewelry long_fingernails makeup mother_and_son nail_polish nintendo oda32t prince queen seforia_(fire_emblem) short_hair star-shaped_pupils star_(symbol) symbol-shaped_pupils very_dark_skin
 1girl 2boys absurdres animal_ears blue_eyes body_writing breasts brotherkao censored chastity_cage covering_one_eye dark-skinned_male dark_skin english_text fake_animal_ears flat_chastity_cage highres huge_breasts huge_penis interracial long_hair looking_at_viewer mature_female middle_finger mosaic_censoring multiple_boys navel netorare nipples open_mouth original penis pig_ears pig_mask pig_tail pink_thighhighs purple_hair pussy spread_legs squatting standing stirrup_legwear stool tail testicles thighhighs tiptoes toeless_legwear tongue tongue_out very_dark_skin
 2022 aaakokoro artist_name black_hair brown_eyes colored_skin copyright_notice cropped_head dark_skin dated diffraction_spikes earrings face_chain film_grain floating_hair gold_bra grey_background hair_behind_ear half_updo hatching_(texture) highres hoop_earrings jewelry linear_hatching lip_ring lipstick long_hair looking_ahead makeup multicolored_skin neck nose original parted_lips portrait realistic simple_background solo spaghetti_strap three_quarter_profile three_quarter_view two-tone_skin very_dark_skin vitiligo weave_(hair) yellow_lips
 2023 2girls aaakokoro above_cleavage_cutout adjusting_clothes adjusting_headwear animal_print arm_up artist_name bandana bandana_around_neck black_hairband black_hat breasts brown_lips cleavage cow_girl cowboy_hat cowboy_western cropped_jacket cropped_torso dark_skin dated fringe_trim grey_eyes grey_hair hairband half-closed_eyes hand_on_own_shoulder hand_up hat hat_tip highres jacket jewelry layered_clothes leopard_print lipstick long_sleeves makeup multiple_girls open_clothes open_jacket original pale_skin realistic red_bandana red_lips red_pupils ring sideways_glance smile stomach teeth very_dark_skin vitiligo white_background
 1girl backlighting black_hairband black_sclera border bottomless breasts cleavage cleft_of_venus colored_sclera covered_erect_nipples dark dark-skinned_female dark_skin dress female_pubic_hair flou_(flou_art) full_body grey_eyes hairband hands_on_own_knees highres large_breasts original platform_footwear pubic_hair purple_background pussy sandals see-through see-through_dress socks solo stella_(flou) uncensored very_dark_skin white_border white_dress white_hair white_socks
 1boy 2girls age_difference anal_fingering anilingus ass blue_hair blush censored cleft_of_venus closed_eyes collarbone completely_nude creatures_(company) dark-skinned_male dark_skin day eyebrows eyelashes fat fat_man feet_out_of_frame fellatio female_rimming_male ffm_threesome fingering flat_chest full_body game_freak group_sex harper_(pokemon) hetero indoors interracial large_penis leg_up loli lying maniacpaint medium_hair mosaic_censoring multiple_girls nintendo nipples nude on_side on_stomach oral penis pokemon pokemon_(anime) pokemon_(creature) pokemon_sm_(anime) pussy sarah_(pokemon) siblings sisters size_difference spread_legs testicles threesome twins very_dark_skin

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