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A supporting character from Mad_Max:_Fury_Road. Although he is a minor character with no dialogue, he is one of the more popular characters introduced in the film. He is a red jumpsuit wearing man who wears a face-concealing mask that is made out of his mother's skin. He grew up in a musical family, but one day he and his mother were kidnapped. His mother was decapitated but he clung to her head. Joe found The Doof Warrior and took him in where he acts as the drummer boy for Immortan Joe's army and plays an electric guitar/flamethrower to psyche up his fellow troops and relay orders. His name is inspired by the Australian slang term for rave parties: 'doof parties'.

His guitar playing is synched with JunkieXL's film score. The guitar portions of the soundtrack are played by him in-universe.

He is disfigured underneath his mask with pale skin, no eyes, and deformed teeth.

He is played by Australian musician iota.

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