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A bald woman whose forehead and the area around her eyes are darkened with engine grease. She is missing one of her arms, which she replaces with a metallic arm when she needs to do something that requires both hands. Her missing arm is one of the relatively few uses of CG in the film. She is the female lead of Mad_Max:_Fury_Road and essentially the central character of the film's plot.

She is the only female member of Immortan Joe's War Boy army. As a young girl, she and her mother, Mary Jo Bassa, were taken away from their home, the Green Place. Her mother soon passed away leaving her to fend for herself. She eventually joined the War Boy army and rose the ranks until she earned the title of Imperator. As an Imperator, she entrusted with driving the massive tanker truck, the War Rig, and was assigned to watch over Joe's harem, the Five Wives. Furiosa is initially indifferent to the Wives, but after witnessing Joe's horrific abuse of them, she comes to care about them and eventually decides to betray Joe and take the Wives to Furiosa's old home, kickstarting the film's main plot. Furiosa's decision to save the wives is also driven by a desire for redemption.

She is a skilled driver and is especially skilled with rifles, making virtually every shot she attempts. Unlike the hot-blooded and combat-loving War Boys, she is calm and somber in personality, but she has a lot of anger buried underneath.

One of the relatively few changes from the initial storyboards for Fury Road to the final product was Furiosa's appearance. In the storyboards/script, Furiosa had long hair. It was Theron's idea to have Furiosa be bald. The prequel film Furiosa returns to the original idea by having a younger Furiosa have full length long hair before eventually developing her iconic appearance in Fury Road.

She is played by Charlize Theron (Mad Max Fury Road) and Anya Taylor Joy (Furiosa: a Mad Max Story)

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