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Tag type: General

As stated, shaking one's ass.
Not necessarily "twerking."

Use this tag instead of twerking, twerk, and shaking_ass.

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 1girl animated aqua_(konosuba) aqua_(konosuba)_(cosplay) ass ass_shake blue_hair cosplay female_focus indoors interior kono_subarashii_sekai_ni_shukufuku_wo! long_hair looking_at_viewer no_panties photo_(medium) pussy real_life skirt solo sushibunniii tagme thighhighs video white_thighhighs
 ! !! !? 2boys ahegao anal androgynous anus anus_peek ass ass_shake blue_hair captain_kirb censored completely_nude cum cum_in_mouth dark-skinned_male dark_skin deepthroat drooling fake_screenshot fellatio french_kiss gameplay_mechanics hair_bun hair_over_one_eye heart heart_censor heavy_breathing huge_ass inazuma_eleven_(series) just_the_tip kazemaru_ichirouta kiss large_penis long_hair looking_at_another lying mating_press moaning multiple_boys nipples nude on_back oral orgasm outdoors penis saliva sex small_penis squatting surprised testicles tongue tongue_out trap wide_hips yaoi
 1girl :d against_wall artist_name ass_shake blush bow breasts captain_kirb clothes_lift coat cowboy_shot creatures_(company) crop_top cum curvy ejaculation erection face_in_ass fake_phone_screenshot fake_screenshot female_pervert femdom fur_coat game_freak gameplay_mechanics gloves green_background hair_bow hairband hetero highres imminent_penetration jersey klara_(pokemon) large_breasts lifting_own_clothes looking_at_another looking_at_viewer looking_back medium_hair midriff mole mole_under_mouth naughty_face navel nintendo number_print off_shoulder open_mouth partially_fingerless_gloves penis pervert pink_hair pink_lips pokemon pokemon_swsh purple_background purple_eyes restrained seductive_gaze shaded_face shirt_lift short_shorts shorts single_glove size_difference smile smug sportswear stomach thighhighs two-tone_background two-tone_shirt two-tone_shorts underboob victor_(pokemon) white_bow white_hairband wide_hips
 1girl ass_shake blue_hair blush breasts center_opening cleavage closed_eyes cosplay dancing denim denim_shorts greater_bird-of-paradise_(kemono_friends) greater_bird-of-paradise_(kemono_friends)_(cosplay) green_hair highres kako_(kemono_friends) kemono_friends lab_coat large_breasts long_hair mcgunngu midriff navel open_mouth outstretched_arms shirt shorts tied_shirt twintails two_side_up
 1girl absurdres animated artist_name ass ass_clapping ass_focus ass_shake bench bent_over black_bodysuit blush blush_stickers bodysuit boku_no_hero_academia bouncing_ass breasts brown_eyes brown_hair from_behind giggling h-lab highres huge_ass jiggle large_breasts locker locker_room looking_at_viewer looking_back music naughty_face seductive_smile short_hair skin_tight smile solo sound thick_thighs thighs twerking uraraka_ochako video
 1girl animated animated_gif ass ass_focus ass_shake blue_hair dragon_ball dragonball_z dress huge_ass maron_(dragon_ball) red_dress screencap short_dress thighs walking

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