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The City setting for the game Final Fight created by Capcom.

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 1boy 1girl abigail_(final_fight) black_hair breasts christmas_tree don_(street_fighter) fingerless_gloves gloves highres hip_vent hiroshi_mono ibuki_(street_fighter) ladder medium_breasts metro_city muscular ninja ponytail street_fighter street_fighter_v tanuki weapon
 alley brown_hair capcom dark_skin fighting_stance final_fight guy_(final_fight) jorge_molina metro_city muscular ninja_outfit trash_can
 billy capcom final_fight green_hair long_hair lowres metro_city midriff poison_(final_fight) purple_hair short_hair
 biker_cap capcom final_fight knife mad_gear_gang metro_city roxy_(final_fight) skull_and_crossbones