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A small handheld electronic mobile phone.

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 1girl absurdres animal_ear_headphones animal_ears armpit_crease bare_legs barefoot black_hair blue_eyes blue_jacket border camisole cat_ear_headphones cellphone collarbone expressionless fake_animal_ears feet full_burrrrrrst grey_background headphones highres holding holding_phone jacket knees_apart_feet_together knees_up legs looking_at_viewer off_shoulder on_floor open_clothes open_jacket original phone sidelocks sitting smartphone solo toenails toes tsurime white_border white_camisole
 1girl 2zuz4hru black_background black_necktie brown_eyes brown_hair calligraphy_brush cellphone checkered_background closed_mouth collared_shirt commentary_request flip_phone frilled_shirt_collar frills grey_background hair_ribbon hat highres himekaidou_hatate holding holding_phone long_hair marker_(medium) necktie paintbrush phone pointy_ears puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves purple_hat purple_ribbon ribbon shirt short_sleeves smile solo tokin_hat touhou traditional_media twintails upper_body very_long_hair white_shirt
 1girl 3boys aqua_dress aqua_shirt aventurine_(honkai:_star_rail) black_hairband black_thighhighs blonde_hair blue_hair blue_pupils book bow bracelet caelus_(honkai:_star_rail) cellphone cleavage_cutout clothing_cutout collared_shirt dr._ratio_(honkai:_star_rail) dress earrings firefly_(honkai:_star_rail) gg_suyari hair_bow hairband holding holding_book holding_phone honkai:_star_rail honkai_(series) jewelry long_hair multiple_boys open_mouth pants phone purple_eyes red_eyes shirt smartphone thighhighs trailblazer_(honkai:_star_rail) two_side_up watch white_hair white_pants wristwatch yellow_eyes
 1girl aiguillette amestris_military_uniform animal artist_name black_hayate blonde_hair blue_jacket blue_pants bookshelf breasts cellphone closed_eyes closed_mouth collared_jacket commentary contemporary dog earrings english_commentary english_text folded_ponytail fullmetal_alchemist highres holding holding_phone indoors jacket jewelry large_breasts light_blush light_smile long_sleeves looking_at_phone military_jacket military_uniform no_bra no_shirt open_clothes open_jacket paid_reward_available pants patreon_username phone puff_of_air red_eyes riza_hawkeye short_hair sitting smartphone snegovski solo stud_earrings tongue tongue_out uniform
 1girl 5boys ^^^ alphonse_elric amestris_military_uniform armor aroused artist_name black_eyes black_hair blonde_hair blue_jacket blush braid braided_ponytail brothers brown_hair cellphone closed_mouth coat collared_jacket commentary constricted_pupils contemporary covering_another's_eyes edward_elric electricity elicia_hughes english_commentary fire_extinguisher full_armor fullmetal_alchemist glasses gloves hair_between_eyes heart heymans_breda highres holding holding_pen holding_phone indoors jacket looking_at_phone low_ponytail maes_hughes male_focus military_jacket military_uniform multiple_boys on_chair opaque_glasses open_mouth own_hands_together paid_reward_available paper patreon_username pen phone red_coat roy_mustang short_hair shou_tucker's_chimera shoulder_boards siblings sitting smartphone smile snegovski sweat twitter_username uniform v-shaped_eyebrows white_gloves wide-eyed
 1girl bed_sheet blush breasts cellphone closed_eyes commentary_request female_masturbation fingering grabbing_own_breast greyscale lying masturbation medium_breasts monochrome navel nipples on_side open_mouth original phone pillow short_hair solo speech_bubble terazip translation_request

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