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スマイルプリキュア スマプリ

The ninth installment of the precure franchise. It aired on February 5, 2012, and features five Precures alongside one mascot. The main theme is fairy tales. Released on Netflix as Glitter Force.


Smile Precure

Aoki_Reika / Cure_Beauty
hino_akane_(smile_precure!) / Cure_Sunny
Hoshizora_Miyuki / Cure_Happy
Kise_Yayoi / Cure_Peace
Midorikawa_Nao / Cure_March

candy_(smile_precure!) - fairy mascot


Bad End Kingdom



ED: Yay!_Yay!_Yay!

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 1boy 6+girls :d aida_mana aino_megumi arm_warmers artist_name asahina_mirai bike_shorts bike_shorts_under_skirt black_arm_warmers black_gloves black_leg_warmers black_shirt black_shorts black_skirt blonde_hair blue_eyes boots border bow clear_glass_(mildmild1311) clenched_hands closed_eyes commentary_request copyright_name cure_black cure_bloom cure_blossom cure_dream cure_flora cure_grace cure_happy cure_heart cure_lovely cure_melody cure_miracle cure_peach cure_precious cure_sky cure_star cure_summer cure_top cure_whip cure_wonderful cure_yell dancing_star_precure delicious_party_precure dokidoki!_precure earrings eyelashes fingerless_gloves fresh_precure! frilled_arm_wamers frilled_leg_warmers frilled_shirt frilled_skirt frills futari_wa_precure futari_wa_precure_max_heart futari_wa_precure_splash_star gloves go!_princess_precure hanadera_nodoka hanasaki_tsubomi happinesscharge_precure! happy haruno_haruka healin'_good_precure heart heart_earrings heartcatch_precure! highres hirogaru_sky!_precure hoshikawa_gaku hoshina_hikaru hoshizora_miyuki houjou_hibiki hugtto!_precure hyuuga_saki inukai_komugi jewelry kirakira_precure_a_la_mode leg_warmers long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side magical_boy magical_girl mahou_girls_precure! midriff misumi_nagisa momozono_love multicolored_hair multiple_girls nagomi_yui natsuumi_manatsu navel nono_hana one_eye_closed open_mouth orange_eyes orange_hair pink_border pink_hair pink_skirt precure precure_all_stars puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves red_footwear scarf serious shirt short_hair short_sleeves shorts shorts_under_skirt signature skirt smile smile_precure! sora_harewataru standing star_twinkle_precure streaked_hair suite_precure trait_connection tropical-rouge!_precure twintails twitter_username two-tone_hair usami_ichika very_long_hair wonderful_precure! yes!_precure_5 yes!_precure_5_gogo! yumehara_nozomi
 2girls ascot bike_shorts bike_shorts_under_skirt black_choker blue_bow blush bow braid breasts breasts_out brooch bubble cameltoe choker cleft_of_venus clothes_lift cowboy_shot cure_happy cure_prism dress dress_bow earrings elbow_gloves gloves hair_bow highres hirogaru_sky!_precure hoshizora_miyuki jewelry large_breasts layered_dress lifting_own_clothes long_hair looking_at_viewer magical_girl miniskirt multiple_girls nijigaoka_mashiro no_bra no_panties open_mouth pink_hair pink_shorts pink_skirt precure pubic_tattoo pussy short_dress short_sleeves shorts side_braids skirt skirt_lift sleeveless sleeveless_dress smile smile_precure! tattoo thighs tiara torn_clothes torn_shorts twintails twogie very_long_hair white_ascot white_bow white_dress white_gloves wing_brooch wing_hair_ornament wrist_cuffs
 1girl absurdres blonde_hair blue_skirt blush embarrassed flying_sweatdrops hairband highres kise_yayoi kneehighs loafers looking_at_viewer mayako0706 medium_hair nanairogaoka_middle_school_uniform pencil precure school_uniform shoes sitting sketchbook skirt smile_precure! socks solo sweater wariza white_socks
 2girls aoki_reika dark_dream highres multiple_girls precure smile_precure! user_wurn7725 voice_actor_connection yes!_precure_5
 1girl ahoge bare_shoulders bob_cut choker compact_(cosmetics) cure_sunny dress frilled_dress frilled_skirt frills gloves hair_bun hair_ornament head_wings highres hino_akane_(smile_precure!) kneehighs open_mouth orange_hair pants parted_bangs precure short_hair skirt sleeveless sleeveless_dress smile_precure! socks solo tight_clothes tight_pants white_gloves wing_hair_ornament wings wristband yur11
 1girl alternate_body_size alternate_breast_size aoki_reika blue_hair blue_skirt breasts collared_shirt cowboy_shot curvy gigantic_breasts hair_ornament hairclip hand_on_own_chest hime_cut huge_breasts jabara_tornado long_hair looking_at_viewer nanairogaoka_middle_school_uniform necktie pleated_skirt precure school_uniform shirt skirt smile smile_precure! solo standing thick_thighs thighs white_background wide_hips

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